5 Things Tristan Ahumada has learned from Journaling.

5 things Tristan Ahumada has learned from Journaling. Change Your Life By Journaling Daily!

“I don’t want to live in a hand-me-down world of others’ experiences. I want to write about me, my discoveries, my fears, my feelings, about me.” – Helen Keller

I’ve been journaling for almost 6 years now. I’m pretty consistent, even though I miss a day here and there. The first time I ever heard about journaling was from Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, but I didn’t start really journaling until I read Tom Ferry’s book, Life By Design.

Here is what I have learned from journaling almost every day.

1 Journaling clears your mind, it creates a place where you can write about your worries, happiness, and all emotions. It’s a place where you can do a brain dump every day. This has helped me clear my mind so by the end of journaling each day I have a clear vision of what’s important to me. I usually Journal in the mornings to clear my mind early on.

2 Journaling makes you more grateful. We all live in the same world and this world moves pretty quickly, sometimes so fast that we forget to appreciate the things that have happened to us. Journaling allows you to slow down enough to think about the great things that have happened through the day. It helps to be thankful for what you have because it’s a great reminder of progress in your life.

3 Journaling strengthens your core. As you compile memories on paper or on your computer you begin to see patterns in your life. There is a strong connection between mindfulness and your state of happiness because you begin to start engaging with your thoughts better. As you start writing out your thoughts you begin to understand who you are as a person.

4 Journaling increases your communication skills. As I have found over the years, I have been able to express my feelings to people without hurting anyone or creating a sense of awkwardness. Writing helps you think through words carefully and gives you a clearer vision of how to say things. This has been integral in helping clients with different Real Estate Situations.

5 Journaling increases your confidence. I learned this one from taking BOLD with Keller Williams World Class. You are given a journal and you are expected to write down the good things you have done. Writing down the good things you have done helps your confidence. When you begin to reflect on the good things you have done on a daily basis you slowly begin to change your mindset to start focusing on good things rather than the negative things.

Journaling has changed my life. I started slowly and I gave myself permission to miss days when I couldn’t write. I use an iPhone app (DayOne) to write down all my thoughts, I tried an actual journal, but I kept on forgetting to write in it.

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