Creating Relationships Is Key

I just finished talking to new online lead that we got from Google PPC. As soon as I called her she was very apprehensive. She was stern in her voice and I didn’t mirror match it. I was firm and very kind with my tonality.

She asked why I was calling, why we had texted her with 2 different numbers and called her 2 times already. I laughed and I apologized, I said, “Michelle, I am so sorry, some people do find it strange that we reach out so many times, but it’s because I want to make sure we take care of all of our clients. I want to be sure that if you have questions I can answer them, how can I help you?”

She sounded surprised and said that she was just looking. I asked her how she ended up choosing the area on her home search. She didn’t answer my question, she asked me if I knew the area well and where I lived. I answered her and she was happy that I lived close by. I went ahead and gave her information about the area and about the weather. She went on to tell me that they are moving in 1 year because they are retiring. She told me that the last time she bought it took 1 year to make a move and the realtor she was using didn’t wait for her or follow up.

I laughed again and I told her that I would gladly wait for her to make her decision, even if it took 4 years. “I like to build relationships Michelle, I hope you can appreciate that.” She loved my response and told me she would be down to visit in 1 month and looks forward to working with me and my team.

1. Don’t just call one time, call 2-3 times within 10 minutes. If no response, then┬átext and email. She answered on the 3rd call in 10 minutes.

2. People can feel your energy, make sure your tonality and energy are on point. Before you call clients get your mindset right.

3. Follow up and nurturing is part of succeeding in a massive way in this business. If you aren’t ready to follow up then be prepared for failure.

When you are towards the end of the conversation, be sure to repeat your name. Something that I do often is, “Michelle, again my name is Tristan Ahumada, Realtor and I’m glad that we are going to work together”.


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