Practicing What To Say Is A Waste?

Do you think practicing what to say to people is a waste of time? (Practicing Your Craft)

Do you practice what you say to clients, are you a “Spur of the moment” type person or do you just know what to say?

I was watching my daughter practice the piano with her piano teacher. It’s been 3 years since she started and the more she practices the “right way” the better she does.

I think about how practice is the key to being great. It reminded me that I have to practice my expired scripts more, the “right way”. I definitely don’t want to practice on my clients.

So many different things come to mind when I think about practice. Tony Horton from p90x says “How do you know what to do, if you don’t know what you did?” Which indicates he tracks what he does to build up and elevate his workouts, BUT the one that I really want to share is below:

Michael Jordan – “Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a God-given gift and not something I worked for, every single day of my life.”

When Phil Jackson, former coach of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, describes this star player’s work ethic, he speaks with admiration of Jordan’s drive, his desire to improve every day in practice. Jackson says that Michael would simply exercise with greater concentration than anyone else, that he would work himself “into a lather” with his intensity, and that he would push himself even harder whenever things got more difficult. Even when he had become the premier player in the game, he rarely took a day off from his demanding practice routine.

Does your daily work schedule include practicing what to say or practicing how to speak to clients better so you have a higher conversion/closing ratio?

What do you practice?

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