Is It 2018 Yet Tristan Ahumada?

Every year I notice a trend. As a year comes to an end most people begin to wind down and as a new year comes in most people have new “resolutions” to work on. Here is the trend I notice though. People start off strong with their new year resolutions. I see people working out every day, some people stop smoking, others start eating healthier and so on.

It doesn’t last…

People set their goals in place and unrealistically try to accomplish something by mere willpower. Their environment remains the same and they aren’t working on their mindset enough. For most, with a new year resolution, their willpower will end within a few weeks and they will be back to their regular habits.

The key to change is a combination of having a supportive environment and working on keeping a healthy mindset. For example, if you want to work out routinely make sure that you team up with one or more people who can keep you accountable.

Find other people that have similar goals as you, you will keep each other accountable.

Other people with similar goals will help you because they will begin to talk about their goals, about how they work out, about how they eat healthy and this will constantly motivate you and drive you. This will begin to change your environment. When you work out it will not be on your own and you will have a reason to show up.

In the same way you should be working on your mind every morning by having a routine to keep your mind focused. This will work towards your advantage in keeping your resolution in place for the long term. In the morning your routine should include a form of meditation and/or prayer (I use the Calm App), then you should have a journal to write in and write down what you are grateful for in your life (I use DayOne). After, you need to go over some positive affirmations and your goals. Affirmations is simply talking positively to yourself. We all talk to ourselves, why not be positive about it? I created a shared doc called Tristan Ahumada Realtor and if you would like it, please message me.

This is how I’ve been able to stay focused through the year on my goals. Stay focused by protecting your personal environment and by directing your mind to success.

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