Everywhere I Go I take Pictures

Everywhere I go I take pictures of the scenery and I have created my own database of pictures. This way when I need a picture for an ad I simply dig into my database first.

This helps me when I want to post pictures to Instagram and Facebook. Below is what I use to modify my pictures so I can use them on Social Media. If you find yourself giving out your pictures to your friends for free make sure you brand them if you want credit. Depending on the pictures I give out, I may put my name Tristan Ahumada on them. This gives you more “Street Cred”!

One of the reasons I upgrade phones every year is because I love having the best phone camera available. Pictures on social media is what drives clicks and what drives the audience to come back. If your pictures are terrible you probably won’t get the clicks you want. I love my DSLR too, but it’s just too clunky and big to carry around.

What you can do to save space on your phone is to save your pictures to the cloud; either iCloud, Amazon, Google or Microsoft. 

➡️ ProCamera – ProCamera + HDR & LowLight by Cocologics

➡️ Typic – Beautiful captions and designs over your photos by Hi Mom S.A.S

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