Tristan Ahumada’s Top 8 Choices For Free Images

I have to thank Travis Thom to start off because I got this idea from his blog. I just narrowed down his choices to the 8 I liked the best. You could technically call this “Travis Thom’s Watered Down Choices For Free Images”, but that didn’t sound cool enough. Thanks Travis Thom!

Most of us can agree on how important images are when it comes to marketing. No matter what business you are in, pictures are incredibly important. In my particular line of duty, Real Estate, pictures are the key to getting more bodies in a home for viewings. There is usually some correlation between the home selling and the quality of the pictures, as long as the price is around market value. I know that some real estate agents still prefer to use their phone cameras for pictures, but phone cameras have not quite substituted the DSLR cameras.

When I market in Social Media sites I look at it the same way. Quality is important to me and I need to have the best picture possible to give me “that” edge I need. If I don’t have the right picture for what I am trying to sell I usually have to look around to find it or pay for it from a random website that has a good picture.  I don’t always like paying for pictures, sometimes I have to, but most of the time I find it for free. This is why I rely on these 8 sites below for images.

Public Domain Archive – New 100% Free Stock Photos. Every. Single. Week.

Travel Coffee Book – Some Great Pics of Scenery and Buildings

Jay Mantri – Great Mix Of Pictures Here

Splash Base – More Mix Of Pictures

Pexels – Pictures Have More Contrast And Sharp Colors

Good Stock Photos – Simple Pictures, But Good

My Stock Photos – Good Selection of Pictures

Stock Up – Also A Good Selection Of Pictures

When posting to Social Media sites make sure you start off with picking a Hi-Res Picture. It will attract more viewers and make you look like a pro. Make sure that you use the right picture on the ads too!

If you want to take a look at the longer list of places to get free images take a look at Travi’s site here.






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