21 Texts To Use Now With Your Clients!

Why is texting so popular? It comes down to one thing, control of time! I know I have written about this a few times on Lab Coat Agents, and some people have even accused me of only texting people. Well, texting only helps if you actually follow up with a call. I always suggest you call first then follow up quickly with a text and email. 

When someone calls me I don’t know how long the conversation is going to be and I don’t know if the conversation is going to be a waste of time. I value my time a lot and I’m sure you value your time in the same way. The reason texting is so popular is because people value their time. By knowing that we can then approach texting clients with that same mindset.

People don’t like speaking with random people, try cold calling people (calling random people), you will get yelled at a few times.

I would suggest that you only text consumers who know you. Texting people who have not registered on your site or people who have not asked for information about your product is considered “spam” and it could get your phone number blocked. When it comes to texting expireds and for sale by owners that will depend on your state laws for communication.

I have a few rules for texting clients. Always use the client’s name if you have it and always introduce yourself at the end. You will see the examples I have below. When you don’t use their name people don’t connect with you as much, it’s common sense.  The reason I suggest that you use your name at the end of the text is so that you can identify yourself and your company so other people know who you are.

“This is [your first name] with [your company]” or “…Thank you, [your first name] with [your company]” 

When you text people for the first time or for follow up please don’t write a book. Writing a book is when you write a text that starts looking more like an email: paragraphs and paragraphs of information. Remember one thing when texting, people like short texts that offer value. A text should be used to engage a client and then take the conversation over to a phone call.

I know that sometimes it’s easier said than done when it comes to sending a short text message, so remember this when writing a text. Ask one question at a time, a maximum two questions. Don’t ask three or more questions, it gets cumbersome for the person receiving the text and they will probably not respond if it’s the first time communicating.

When you are texting buyers be sure to give them the information they requested on your website. Did the client come in asking for info on a house? Great, now give them the information they requested and ask if they would like to see it. In the same manner, help the seller inquiries, offer them the value of their home or information about the market and how it’s changing. I love using KCM (KeepingCurrentMatters) when it comes to sellers. Texting clients pictures like the one below is a way to capture them quickly.

Tristan Ahumada and Keeping Current Matters
Tristan Ahumada uses Keeping Current Matters in his Texts


Creating urgency in texts is important, but it can take some work. Instead of texting a client that hasn’t gotten back to you this: “Some 3 bedroom homes were just added to the local market, and I can help you tour them before other buyers can” try this ” [Client first name], I found 2 homes that match what your looking for, would you like to take a look at them on [day of the week]?” 

You can create the same sense of urgency with other timely updates, like offering to share recently-released housing market statistics with your seller leads.

One thing I have added to my Riley (Riley is a Lead Engagement Platform) texts is something that I recommend you do with all your texts. If the client you texted doesn’t get back to you in 10-15 minutes be sure to follow up with a text that simply says, “Let me know…”

Often times people intend to respond to a text but find themselves distracted in a mobile friendly world. This “Let me know…” text is a simple nudge that reminds them you’re still there and that they need to respond to you. Keep in mind that all you’re looking for in a text is to establish the first point of contact so that you can take the conversation over by phone. Once they text back and forth with you don’t forget to call them and start creating a relationship.

21 Text Templates

Generic Buyer Leads From A Website (If possible use the city they searched in for your texts) – Created by Tristan Ahumada Realtor

  1. Hi [FIRST NAME], you just signed up on our site searching for homes in [CITY]. Are you only looking in [CITY] or are you open to other areas? [AGENT NAME]
  2. Thanks for signing up on our site to search for homes. I’m setting up a home search for you now. Are you looking for a house or a condo?

Portal Buyer Lead (Zillow, Realtor, Homes) – Created by Tristan Ahumada and Kevin Markarian, Realtors

  1. Hi [FIRST NAME], thanks for reaching out about a home for sale through Realtor.com. Do you have time for a quick call now?[AGENT NAME]
  2. Hi [FIRST NAME]! Thanks for reaching out to us on [PROPERTY ADDRESS]. Would you like to schedule a time to see the property & perhaps others like it? [AGENT NAME]

Buyer Lead Follow Up – Created by Tristan Ahumada Realtor

  1. Hi [FIRSTNAME], Thanks for your initial inquiry about homes, are there any must haves on your home wish list? Where would you like to focus? [AGENT FIRSTNAME
  2. [FIRSTNAME] thank you again for visiting our site [Site Name]. I have a couple new listings in your market and want you to have the 1st look, do you have time this week? [AGENT FIRSTNAME]
  3. Please let me know…
  4. I know you’re probably super busy, but I want to finish up your home search set up. Can you please let me know if you’re looking for a house or a condo?
  5. There is a home for sale that is not on the market yet that matches what you are looking for, would you like to see it before anyone else?

Buyer Lead Gone Stale – Created by Tristan Ahumada Realtor

  1. Hi [FIRST NAME], I tried reaching out to you a few months ago. Are you still looking for a home to buy? [AGENT NAME]
  2. Hey [FIRST NAME], I feel terrible that we never connected about you’re home search. Are you still searching home? [AGENT NAME]

Seller Leads From A Website (Any Website) – Created by Tristan Ahumada Realtor and Nick Baldwin

  1. Hi [FIRSTNAME], you just visited our website in regards to your home value. I’m working on the value now and I need to know if you’ve done any upgrades to the home? [AGENT NAME]
  2. HI [FIRST NAME], I just did a home evaluation for a home close to yours, can you tell me a little bit more about your home? [AGENT NAME]

Seller Lead Follow Up – Created by Tristan Ahumada Realtor

  1. Hi [FIRSTNAME], I sent you an evaluation report on your home a few weeks ago, did you ever take a look at it? [AGENT NAME]
  2. [FIRSTNAME], the market has gone up since we last spoke do you need me to send you and updated evaluation on your home at [ADDRESS]? [AGENT NAME]

Buyer/Seller Lead In Your Database With No Contact For Months Or Years – Created by Tristan Ahumada Realtor

  1. It’s [AGENT FIRSTNAME], I noticed you haven’t been back to the site in awhile. Did I drop the ball? Were you looking for something different? [AGENT NAME]
  2. Hi [FIRST NAME], I tried reaching out to you a few months ago. Are you still looking for a home to buy?
  3. Hi [FIRST NAME], I tried reaching out to you a few months ago. Are you still looking to sell your home or refinance?

Referral Leads – Created by Tristan Ahumada Realtor

  1. Hi [FIRST NAME], I spoke with [CLIENT WHO REFERRED] today and she mentioned that you are looking to sell your home. When’s a good time to talk on the phone to get more details?
  2. Hey [FIRST NAME], [CLIENT WHO REFERRED] asked me to reach out to you in regards to your home search. How can I help you? [AGENT NAME]

ZBuyer Sellers – Created by Tristan Ahumada Realtor

  1. Hi [FIRSTNAME], got your info online, were you trying to get the value of [ADDRESS]? Or are you planning to refinance? [AGENT NAME]


I am a realtor, national speaker, creator of Lab Coat Agents, and innovator. I have been in real estate since 2004, working out of Southern California. I was born in Los Angeles and never left. I have traveled throughout the United States and I love California the most. I love prospecting, I love posting to social media outlets, and I love hanging out with my family.

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